For Soil
For Animals

Kelzyme was discovered, not manufactured.

Kelzyme is a line of feed and soil supplements made up of 100% natural fossilized sea kelp, harvested right where it was discovered in Northern Nevada. Kelzyme is not made, produced, or manufactured—it was found in the earth, collected there and brought to you entirely ready for organic use.

Discover this unique product, packed with easily absorbed calcium and over 50 different kinds of beneficial trace minerals. Over the years, and through our rigorous program of testing and certifications, Kelzyme has been proven to be a powerful and versatile feed and soil supplement.

Whether you use Kelzyme to enrich depleted soil, stimulate the growth of your plants or maintain the health of your animals, you know that you’re getting essential nutrients ready for absorption, in a natural product that’s free of additives. A true gift of mother nature.

OMRI approved for organic livestock feed and crop fertilizer/soil amendment: May be used in certified organic production or food processing and handling according to the USDA National Organic Program Rule. Kelzyme is completely non-toxic, additive-free and 100% safe for the environment.