An Ideal Poultry Feed Supplement

A number of independent field and laboratory tests have proven that Kelzyme® can be a beneficial feed supplement for chickens, turkeys and other poultry. Kelzyme® contains high contents of calcium and other trace minerals, which act as a supplement to support the overall health of poultry as well as sustaining growth, reproductive health and consistent shell quality in eggs. As a result, commercial poultry growers can expect increased profits from formulating Kelzyme® into the diets of their poultry.

We feel that with Kelzyme’s® unique origins and calcium mineral composite it is far superior to any other calcium supplement on the market today.
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Kelzyme Application Rates

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For best results add Kelzyme® at a ratio of 2% of feed ration dry weight. For best results gradually increase to 5% of the total daily ration dry weight in 60 days.

Caution: Kelzyme® feed additive is formulated to supplement the daily ration of your poultry and should never be used as a complete feed. Never exceed 5% of the feed mixture.

Store Kelzyme in a cool, dry place. Keep tightly sealed.

Always follow the suggested feed rates and do not exceed recommended dosages.