What Our Customers Have to Say

I was introduced to Kelzyme 15 years ago (1999) when I was testing our Wormgold Pure earthworm castings at Quail Botanical Gardens. QBG had provided a large number of plants under distress to test the viability of our earthworm castings. It had been recommended that we would find improved growth and plant viability by adding Kelzyme to our Wormgold Pure Worm Castings. The comparison testing involved applications with and without Kelzyme. The growth and vitality difference was sufficiently improved that Kelzyme was added to the Wormgold Pure Castings to become our key product; Wormgold Plus, Pure worm castings plus ground volcanic rock and Kelzyme (fossilized kelp). Each distressed plant and tree was given a greatly improved health and vitality with this combination. We have continued using Kelzyme for 15 years and many independent testers have shown this product to produce growth and plant health far superior to any other earthworm castings produced. We plan to continue using Kelzyme in our key product.

George Hahn, California Vermiculture LLC

About 15 years ago I hand dug a pond near a citrus tree and evidently damaged the roots because from that time on the tree did dropped its leaves and bore few, if any fruit. Fixing the problem wasn’t easy and I used fertilizers for citrus, soil additives, hydrogen peroxide, and many more items which seemed to work a little or not at all. I got to the point where I was considering giving up and removing the tree completely. I was hopeful every year because new leaves looked great, healthy and strong but then they would gradually turn yellow and fall off. I attend World Ag Expo in Tulare, Ca each year and found a soil/feed fossilized kelp amendment called Kelzyme. I spread three full handfuls of Kelzyme under the Orange tree in mid- February and dampened the Kelzyme. By May 1st the tree is completely full with no leaves dropping and more fruit then I have ever gotten in the last 15 years. Kelzyme is a great product, that really works.

Ron Dinsmore

I learned about Kelzyme from a friend who used it in his garden and said his plants were growing much faster because of how mineral rich Kelzyme is. He told me that the plants that grow in soil with Kelzyme will also have more nutritional value. I decided to try it since I grow my own wheatgrass flats for the health benefits. I started using the non-micronized Kelzyme and my wheatgrass flats grew beautifully and in fewer days than the normal 14. I was impressed! I have been using it for several years now and am so grateful to have found this product. Thank you, Kelzyme!

Kelzyme Web Customer, Utah